How to Use Natural Toilet Paper? See the Video and Read the Complete Article Here


Posted in Bathrooms, Interior Improvement | Posted on 06-09-2013

Days by days, the condition of our earth is getting worst. Almost every part starts showing the damage which keeps on happening until the future time, and unfortunately the creator of that damage is us, the citizen of the earth itself.

The use of tissue and toilet paper is accused as the one factor of the earth damage because to make a roll of tissue paper, we have to cut one trees to make pulp and process it as the one that we can use everyday. However, stop using the toilet paper is not a solution because it is habit and need. The best way out for this is using the toilet paper which is made from recycled material. You can see the video and read the complete article here at This action is very brilliant, and it becomes the win-win solution for everyone. First, it can reduce the action of cutting tree. The trees can run its task as a savior for this earth such as absorbing water so flood cannot come or growing higher to clean the air.

 Besides, it also can reduce the amount of junk in this world. It saves much money on the junk processing. We can start the action from closest environment, which is our home. It is simple, but it gives real impact to the earth.